"But I'm scared to have my writing critiqued!!!"

You need to get your work critiqued, no matter how uncomfortable it can be. Learning is not an easy process. What's worse than the pain of a critique is a piece that is put in a drawer by a writer whose dream is never fulfilled and a world that never gets to experience it.

Consider this...

Why are critiques so hard to handle?

        (Stop the mouse on the pictures for further explanation.)

We like to think that all writing
comes out of our brain like this...
or at least this... but it usually looks
like this...
A finished piece! parts of the beginning not clear, especially in characterization beginning too heavy and unclear, leading to a weak ending
or this... this might actually
but not this...
set-up didn't lead to the great ending the author had in mind set-up is heavy but interesting The ending just doesn't make sense.

The faster you learn to love re-writing, the better off you'll be!!!

Usually, the pain of a critique comes from one of the following... Ironically, a lot of these types of pain are eliminated by getting lots of critiques. One may make you feel misunderstood, but another "get's it." One may solve the problem another points to. You may agree with some, and not others. They may do a lot of the work for you by providing you with lots of options. If you listen to yourself, it is very easy to sort through it all and immediately know what to do.

Most importantly, one critique doesn't weigh as heavily. You see a bigger picture of what people experience when reading your piece. Really, that is all that matters, anyway.

During the course of the critique, you may see that it will take a lot of work to make your piece better. That is upsetting. You've already done a lot of work, and good writers wouldn't have to rewrite like this. It is natural to feel inferior, but it is normal for a piece to be rewritten around 25 times by the professionals. Professionals are the ones willing to do that work.

Being good at giving and receiving critiques and loving rewriting makes all the difference to both your enjoyment and your success.