Thank you for taking the time to critique and help out! Being critiqued is at the same time nerve-racking and exciting. It is also a huge part of the learning process. It may at times be uncomfortable for both you and the writer, but your willingness and truthfulness, coming from a place of a patient teacher or helper, will always be appreciated.

Critiqueville is a place where we connect writers and critiquers. We put a lot of controls in place that we hope give the writer and the critiquer a good chance of having a helpful, growing experience. One of the controls is what we call "Critiquing School." It is a guide for writers and critiquers that is about 10 pages long. To critique for us, you have to read the document and pass a quiz at the end. That is not required to critique for your friend, but if you feel like you want help in order to give a better critique, we have made the document available to you once you log in.

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