Free!!! - Private Writing Groups

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Upload your work to your account and come up with a password for your friends or writing group to use. Either name individuals who can see your work, or open it up to anybody with the password.

Your work will be available for your group to critique for two weeks. Your readers can add suggestions while reading it and after.

Table Readings

Before a Reading - We recommend that you put your work up one week before a reading. That way, the group can familiarize themselves with it. They can also begin their critiques.

During a Reading - If the writing is a play, readers can highlight their characters' names. The group can critique inside the doc and at the end.

After a Reading - People can add any thoughts that come up after the discussion for an additional week. People who were not at the reading can also critique during this two weeks.

Individual Readers

You may chose to upload your work and give your personal readers access to it. Their critiques can be combined or seen separately. For example, if three people commented on paragraph 186, you can see their comments together.

At the end of the two weeks, the critiques can be seen individually or they can be compiled with the name of the critiquer mentioned at the end of each comment. The critiques are then accessible for three months.